Powder Coating in Art

A metal sculpture over touristsPart of the progression of the art world is dependent on the development of new mediums, which can further the possibilities of what artists are able to conceive and accomplish. Every year, there are new and exciting ways to do art that come to light. Recently, many artists have utilized powder coating in a variety of ways, but most particularly in the world of 3D art. While many of the ways to use powder coating in art may not have been discovered, yet, here are some of the reasons why artists are using it right now…


Solid colors


Paint, when applied to materials for 3D art, needs lots of coats, in order for it to reach a solid color. This makes it highly non functional for certain purposes. However, powder coatings have a much higher ink density, which equates to a solid, vibrant color that is hard to match with simple paint. Even with all of the extra coats, paint will always look shallower and as if it has been painted, while powder coating actually makes something look like the color it is.


Best medium for metal


Powder coating is a medium that is specifically designed for metal. The powder coating process was specifically designed to cover metal surfaces. Many 3D art pieces utilize metal in a variety of ways, and powder coating is a much more convenient option than having to use paint to get the look that the artist wants.


Forgiving of mistakes


The high ink density of powder coatings means that most mistakes you make during the process can be easily covered up. Achieving a look of perfection is much more attainable with powder coating than it is with a medium like paint. This means that you won’t have to spend as much time on restarts and cleaning up your past mistakes. Powder coating is an easy to control medium that takes a weight off of the artist’s shoulders.


Combines art and technology


Art is constantly evolving and adapting with technology. For thousands of years, there has been a relationship between art and technology that fosters growth in both sectors. In order to thrive, art must continue to do this, as it helps it evolve with the culture of the world. Powder coating is just another example of the way that artists are embracing a new technology to create exciting work. Continuing to do this will bring about new, unique projects.