Full Blown Coatings’ Limited Warranty & Liability

Full Blown Coatings offers a 12 month limited warranty from beginning date of invoice, on items/parts covering cracking, peeling, and extreme fading due to normal climatic exposure of powder coated surfaces. This warranty shall apply to the repair or replacement of coatings at Full Blown Coatings discretion of the original material involved, and shall not include reimbursement of consequential expenses such as the cost of take down, re-installation, removal, equipment, or transportation costs of effected parts. Full Blown Coatings reserves the right to inspect, and use its chosen agents to determine cause for failure of coating prior of removal from location of installation. 

The following items will not be covered under warranty:

  • Full Blown Coatings is not responsible for defects caused from hidden oils, greases, adhesives, parts that hold water or other substances which can flow from recesses, holes, overlaps, pockets, etc. during the cure process.
  • Although we take precautions to minimize out-gassing from these types of materials, items/parts constructed from cast iron, aluminum, magnesium, or other porous materials may experience out-gassing during the curing process, which can result in bubbles and/or pin-holes in the powder coated finish. Full Blown Coatings will not be held responsible for parts that may have surface imperfections or bubbling caused by porous castings.
  • Full Blown Coatings assumes no responsibility for the condition of material delivered or any condition which may be uncovered during processing, including but not limited to nicks, cracks, pits, broken welds, broken joints, holes, or rust.
  • Damage to the finish coating caused from part design, manufacturing flaws, mechanical abuse such as scratches, gouges, rough handling, installation, transportation, or vandalism are not covered by this warranty.
  • Design and/or welding flaws, such as pin holes, cracks, overlapping steel placements or non- sealed welds that allow moisture to build up and cause rust are not covered by this warranty.
  • Full Blown Coatings is not responsible for items that have been contaminated or treated with a chemical (silicone, products, armor all etc.) that does not endure the curing process.
  • Tubes or pipes that have end caps, and do not have a weep hole have a high risk of vapors escaping during the curing process that will damage the power finish in an oven. Without a weep hole for the gases to escape, Full Blown Coatings is not responsible for the damage an oven may produce.
  • Handrails and fencing that is not welded solid allow moisture to build up in places that the powder coat cannot penetrate. Full Blown Coatings is not responsible for these areas that will rust after installation.
  • Weldments and frames that have overlapping metals trap moisture and will rust if the overlapping metals are not seal welded. Full Blown Coatings is not responsible for the rust that will build up and spread from these areas.
  • Full Blown Coatings will not coat chrome that has begun to corrode, flake, peel, etc. No warranty over chrome parts.
  • Items/parts in contact with salt water, chlorine, fertilizers, pesticides, sprinkler systems, industrial chemicals, fuel, tree sap, contact with vegetation, alteration, or acts of God; warranty will be void.

The following acts and/or omissions will void the warranty

  • Full Blown Coatings recommends that all parts be hand sanded or sandblasted. Parts that are not sandblasted, warranty will be void. Items powder coated in which recommended surface preparation was declined.

  • Full Blown Coatings recommends primer on all aluminum parts and ALL outdoor metal. Items powder coated in which recommended powder chemistry was declined, warranty will be void.

  • Sharp edges must be rounded prior to drop off to be able to hold an appropriate mil thickness of powder. Sharp edges that are not rounded cause rusting. Full Blown Coatings does not round edges, and is not responsible for rust that occurs because of sharp edges, warranty will be void.

  • Items which have written documentation stating no warranty exists as part of the service agreement.

    The above constitutes the complete Limited Warranty & Liability of Full Blown Coatings. No other agreement written or implied is valid.