Powder Coating for Agricultural Equipment

Our convenient location in Salt Lake City allows us to serve clients not only in the Salt Lake area, but also those in nearby locations such as Wyoming and southern Utah. And while we powder coat for a variety of industries, one industry we see especially often in our work is agriculture.

This is because farming equipment is exposed to rugged conditions on a daily basis. It is constantly put to heavy duty use; it must stand up to harsh weather conditions; and it is exposed to dirt, grit, moisture, chemicals, ultraviolet light, and more. When equipment is pre-treated professionally and baked properly after coating, powder coating offers unmatched corrosion protection and enhanced durability for agricultural equipment. Powder coating offers several economic and environmental benefits as well.

We are proud to meet the farm equipment finishing needs of those in Utah, Wyoming, and beyond. Here is look at some of the types of farm and agricultural equipment that you might powder coat with us.


Tractor parts

Many high quality tractor manufacturers use powder coating to keep their products looking new for years after they are purchased. Just as with car parts, special finishes can be used on tractor parts to ensure that they hold up to the high temperatures that they are so frequently exposed to. Powder coating for tractor wheels is especially common.


Farm gates

Don’t forget about powder coating for your heavy duty steel farm gates. Farm gates can be powder coated in virtually any color and will offer lasting weatherproofing and durability.


Rotary tillers

A rotary tiller is essential for cultivating, aerating, and stirring up soil, and many of today’s rotary tillers feature a durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat finish.

These aren’t the only types of farm equipment that perform best with a powder coat finish. In fact, really anything metal can be powder coated. Whether you’re in Wyoming, southern Utah, or right here in the Salt Lake area, contact us today to find out how we can protect your agricultural equipment investment.