Powder coating isn’t just for commercial purposes; you can have a number of household items powder coated as well. Powder coating is different from spray paint because powder is applied with an electrostatic gun and cured in a ceramic oven. The result is a highly durable, chemically bonded finish that can stand up to any form of everyday wear and tear. For outdoor metal furniture and ornaments that need to withstand harsh elements, powder coating is your most durable option. For metal furniture that needs new life, powder coating can give it a custom look in any style. For metal heirlooms that need rust removal and special care to give them new life, sandblasting and powdercoating are the best options. We’ve powder coated a variety of household items, including metal furniture, heirloom sewing machines, wine cellar doors, and lawn ornaments.

Here is a look at some of the many household items we have powder coated for our customers.