Full Blown Coating Removes Paint and Rust With Abrasive Media Blasting

Sandblasting is one of the fastest ways to remove rust and paint from surfaces leaving behind a clean smooth metal surface. In the past, sandpaper was primarily used for this process but technology has since gotten better. At Full Blown Coating, we use a variety of blasting equipment including pressure blasters to prepare surfaces for powder coating.

We use Blasters for All Metal Striping Needs

When it comes to abrasive media blasting, we utilize pressure sandblasters to grind rust off of the frames, housings, chassis, and other heavy-duty parts. When it comes to sheet metal and other thin metals, we use soda blasters to strip paints without destroying the overall texture.

Full Blown Coating stocks several types of blasting media for use on various materials. Whether you’re blasting steel, aluminum, steel, die-cast metal, or just need to get rid of rust, we have the right solution. This is because we have accrued a lot of expertise especially when it comes to knowing how machine parts wear out over time. We then use different nozzles, dust collectors, and other gear.

We do the job right

At Full Blown Coating, excellence undergirds everything we do. We have just the right abrasive blasting equipment to get each job done right. Our solutions are developed with total customer satisfaction in mind.

Need us to help you with your project? We are available via phone or email to answer any questions you might have. Our staff will guide you toward the best abrasive blasting equipment for you with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

We work with all types of customers in every field, both residential and commercial. Whether it’s commercial railings or equipment or machine parts and pretty much anything in between, we are up to the job.

You can count on Full Blown Coating to provide you with exceptional sandblasting services!