Industrial Powder Coating Ideas

Powder coating creates a remarkably strong finish perfect for industrial jobs. Your parts need extra protection against the extreme conditions you send them through, be that chemicals, the elements, or severe wear and tear. This industrial finish can increase the life of your parts as well as their performance due to powder coating’s durable yet sleek finish. We can powdercoat any project, large or small, as long as it has an electrostatic charge.

Fences and Railings

Fences and railings are often powdercoated to give them a strong finish, but also to keep workers safe.  If you have safety rails, giving them a brightly colored finish will help draw attention to the rails.  If your fence or railing will be placed outside, you won’t need to worry about the paint weathering.  Powder coating binds to parts at the molecular level, making it durable and highly resistant to weathering.  

Grates, Staircases, Ladders, and Landings

If you have a metal grate or landing that your workers walk across regularly, normal paints can chip or peel over time. Powder coating, on the other hand is very tenacious, and can withstand quite the beating. Whether you have an industrial spiral staircase, a traditional staircase, or a long metal ladder, bring it in for the best industrial coating on the market.

Metal Frames, Vats, and Fans

Metal frames for your trailer, truck, shelving, machinery, carts, etc. can benefit from a protective powder coat. The polished finish will give life to your industrial parts like vats, frames, fans, etc. It can also allow you to customize your materials with your company’s colors. For example, if you have a fleet of trailers for your deliveries, you can powder coat the frames, making your trailers unique and recognizable.