Five Benefits of Commercial Powder Coating; Why You Should Consider It?

Do you belong to a commercial, manufacturing, or industrial sector? Then powder coating is a perfect option for you to take care of your equipment and machinery.

Commercial powder coating is an advanced method of giving a decorative finish to a wide range of objects. Be it for residential, industrial, or commercial use; powder coating has many advantages over usual modes of painting on surfaces.

The powder coating process is often used to paint vehicles, motorbikes, railings, light switches, and even vent covers. The powder used for coating is a fine mixture of resin particles and pigment which is sprayed over the surface to give it a glossy and flawless finish. The charged particles adhere to the electrically grounded surfaces until it is heated and fused into a smooth coating in a curing oven. Powder coating is an efficient and durable method to give a perfect finish to your projects.

Here are five basic benefits of commercial powder coating that will make you consider it for a perfect finish to your commercial projects

1. Cost Efficient

One of the major reasons why you should consider commercial powder coating services is because it is extremely cost-efficient. When you compare it to the cost of wet paint, it is relatively cheaper and affordable. Moreover, the powder can easily be stored in small containers or compact areas whereas paint cannot be easily stored. Powder coating also takes less time to dry and saves a lot of effort.

2. Corrosion and Rust Resistant

Another benefit of powder coating is that it increases the life of your industrial equipment and machinery. Your machinery and equipment are exposed to many external factors like water, dust, oxidation, and UV light. Powder coating creates a protective finish for your equipment and makes it corrosion resistant.

3. Eco-Friendly

Commercial powder coating uses an electrostatic charge containing powder colors that fix the paint firmly to the metal surface, unlike wet paint which contains many harmful solvents that create airborne particles. Commercial powder coating doesn’t let any toxic fumes escape into the air making it an eco-friendly option for commercial painting.

4. Durable and Quality Finish

Commercial powder coating is not like any other paint, it uses electrically charges particles to paint a surface and give a quality finish. If you hire powder coating professionals, you can ensure an unmatchable quality finish on any surface. Be it residentially used objects like furniture and railings or vehicles like motorcycles or cars; commercial powder coating gives you a flawless finish and durable results. It firmly fixes the pigment and resin particles to the surface making it last longer.

5. Quick and Easy

Unlike wet painting, commercial powder coating is quick and easy. You only need to cover the surface once and send it for curing into the oven. It will melt the resin and pigment particles onto the surfaces making a firm bond that will last for ages.

Commercial powder coating has many benefits that make it a prime choice for commercial use and quality finish

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