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Here at Full Blown Coatings, we are no strangers to industrial and commercial grade powder coating. Whether you need a large piece of equipment coated or a lot of tiny products, Full Blown Coatings will get you covered.

We also offer different types of coatings for different purposes. Our Cerakote finish is ideal for high performance machines that are subject to extreme temperatures, elements, or chemicals. Cerakote will protect your engine and exhaust systems from heat-related wear and corrosion while also improving thermal efficiency and overall performance. Click here for more information on how Cerakote will work for your industry.

Other pieces of equipment or parts might not require something as durable as Cerakote, but will most certainly demand options for color and texture. We’ve got that covered too. Whether you’re working with metals, plastics, or wood, the properties of powder coating will improve the performance and longevity of all of these materials.

Full Blown Coatings

Powder coating is an extremely durable solution due to its superior adhesion properties! Call us today and talk to our Powder Coating Specialists.

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Should you want to improve the performance?

Should you want to improve the performance of certain industrial equipment, we can apply a finish custom made for optimal function with the materials you present us with.

We can also apply virtually any type of texture to ensure maximum efficiency for your equipment. Visit our Industrial and Colors & Textures Galleries to see the Full Blown difference.

When preparing any surface for powder coating, it is extremely important that the item you are coating is completely clean of oils, dirt, paint, rust and corrosion. Sand or media blasting Sandblasting de-scales, de-buries and removes oxides, old finishing, and other surface contaminants from surfaces. At Full Blown Coatings, we inspect and sand blast or media blast every part we receive. We take pride in our ability to ensure a clean, secure, and quick process for every bulk or industrial order from start to finish. It’s important to us that you receive the highest quality work possible. Visit our Sand Blasting and Media Blasting pages for more information.

Form From Function

Powder coating isn’t just about making your equipment or parts look better, its also about making them perform better. In fact, Cerakote finishes can actually reduce the temperatures of engine systems by improving thermal efficiency. This finish also protects parts from corrosion because it is highly resistant to weathering and chemicals. Equipment and parts can also be treated so that they finish with different textures. An industrial ladder can be finished with a rough texture in order to increase traction and reduce falling incidents. Colors can also be functional and used to create awareness amongst an audience. Raising awareness of potential workplace hazards like ledges or drawing attention to a storefront with brightly colored rails are just a couple ways companies utilize color coating everyday.

The Work We Do

If you need industrial or commercial powder coating services, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. We have the knowledge that comes from years of experience in the industry, which we utilize to ensure high-quality work. We’re in the powder coating business because we have the fullest of confidence in our product. Our streamline process, material expertise, and consistent ability to produce a winning end product and leave each customer with the best we have to offer. Our large oven allows us to tackle nearly any size job with low turn around times. Whether you need a large quantity of commercial goods or a brightly protected piece of industrial machinery: Full Blown Coatings has you covered.

commercial powder coating