Gordon Ewing

(General Manager)

Gordon Ewing is a husband, business owner, and father of 3 beautiful kids. He grew up in the outskirts of Park City Utah, he spent his spare time building, repairing, and driving trucks, snowmobiles, and ATVs. He has a passion for repairing and customizing anything with wheels. After high school, the auto body and paint industry caught his eye. He started working for Shine Collision as a paint preparer and in one year he was painting. He spent 3 years painting and then decided he wanted to master auto body repair. After 7 years doing auto body work he became manager and led the tech team as well. After four years of managing, Gordon decided it was time to take the leap into the Powder Coating industry. He started Powder Coating small jobs with his entry-level Powder Coating set up in a 20’x20’’ garage till he got an opportunity to lease a 5000sf shop in Midvale UT. He worked nights at Shine Collision Repair and made sales meetings and Powder Coated during the day. It took 6 months before he was able to go full-time working for himself at Full Blown Coatings. Full Blown Coating grew fast and he hired 4 employees in the course of 2 years. In 2017 Full Blown Coatings purchased their first building with a state-of-the-art Powder Coating system.

Jessica Ewing’s

(HR & Safety Manager)

Jessica Ewing graduated early in 1998 at the age of 16 from high school. She followed her dream to help others, and in 2005 she obtained her Nursing degree from SLCC. While working as a nurse, she has also raised three beautiful children and has been a valued business partner for Full Blown Coatings.

Full Blown Coatings was started in 2013. She is a self-taught manager and has maintained accounts payable and receivable, books, taxes, payroll, legalities, and all of the financials, etc. In 2016, they were presented with an opportunity to buy a building. After several Bank denials, & months and months of hard work and research, she never gave up. They were able to get 2 loans for a building in Sandy that had more than twice the square footage as their previous building space that they were renting from. Her challenge wasn’t over as she had to get creative with financing and equip their new building with all new equipment. Within 3 years of buying a building, Full Blown Coatings purchased a half a million-dollar monorail automated sandblaster to increase production efficiency and continue to grow growth in their company.

She has a gift for organization and an eye for detail. She is always looking to improve and make things better than the previous version. She loves being a part of something that she can continue to make better. She loves having something that she and her husband can create and grow together while still raising our 3 amazing kids.

Wyatt Kelsch

(Shop Manager)

Wyatt Kelsch was born in Salt Lake City UT and grew up in Park City Utah. He had a great childhood with a lot of friends and family. He enjoyed hiking, riding bikes, snowmobiling, and playing with friends and family. He started working for Full Blown Coatings in early 2015. He was the second employee they hired and has worked tirelessly next to the owners to help build and grow the company into what it is today. Wyatt was able to achieve a management position less than 6 months after he started due to his commitment to quality and detail. He has been with Full Blown Coatings ever since. He loves and values the work he does and the team members that he works side by side with every day.

(Office Manager)

Ruth Jessop

(Marketing Manager)

Ruth grew up in a large family surrounded by construction and farming in Nevada. Her first job was working on the farm as an operator and a gopher trapper and later started working in the farm fab shop cutting, welding, and making custom farming equipment with her brothers and friends. In 2015 with her brother, friend, they moved to St. George Utah to start our own welding business (Stark Welding). During this time Ruth started learning WordPress, social media, SEO, Google, and more. She found she was very passionate about this kind of work and started doing it for friends as side work. At the beginning of 2018 in order to pursue marketing full-time Ruth sold her part of Stark Welding and went into marketing full time. Now located in the Salt Lake area, Ruth started working with Full Blown Coatings in 2019 and is working to grow their company and online presents. Ruth loves working with the Full Blown team and is passionate about relationships and growing as a team.