Antique Restoration

Powder coating is often used to restore antiques, and for good reason. Powder coating allows you to utilize the full advantages of modern technology to create a beautiful, hardy finish that will last as long as the antique itself. Additionally, the wide range of options for colors and finishes in powder coating enables you to maintain the classic, timeless look that makes antiques so special.

Here are just a few items that can benefit from a powder coating finish:

  • Wrought iron fencing
  • Antique dutch ovens and pot-bellied stoves
  • Metal steam radiators
  • Antique bells
  • Plumbing fixtures (faucet, sink, tub, etc.)
  • Classic engine parts
  • And much more…

Media Blasting

Media blasting before powder coating will allow us to get rid of any former coating and paint leftover from before. It’s also a smart way to rid the item of rust that can continue to deteriorate the metal. Once the item has been prepped, it will be grounded to allow for the electrostatically-charged powder to bond evenly. Lastly, the item will be cured to allow the powder coating material to form high cross-link density that will outlast any other kind of finish.

We Handle Any Project, Large or Small

Here at Full Blown Coatings, we have the expertise to handle any kind of project. With an industrial-sized curing oven, we deliver professional results for building materials and specialized equipment. However, we also have the detail and craftsmanship to coat beautiful, personalized projects, such as household decor and antique parts. Contact us today to get a quote for your antique restoration project.