Powder Coating Furniture

We’ve all experienced the problems that occur when our outdoor furniture starts to deteriorate: creaking wicker, sharp chips of paint flaking off of iron legs, and rusty water spots that can never be properly cleaned.

Enter powder coating, the perfect solution for outdoor furniture. Whether you’re updating an outdoor table and chairs, or you’re equipping a children’s playroom with proper furnishings, powder coating is the best solution for long-lasting, safe, and beautiful finishes.

Powder coating is ideal for:

  • Chairs
  • Railings and fences
  • Tables and side tables
  • Shelves
  • Planters and outdoor shelves
  • Garden decorations
  • Umbrella stands

Weatherproof and Long-Lasting

Our customers love powder coating because simply put, there’s just nothing tougher. Powder coating holds up to rain or sunshine, blazing heat or freezing temperatures. There’s a reason that it’s used for materials that need to withstand temperature extremes, like a microwave oven or an industrial motor.

Although powder coating often feels like more effort and cost in the beginning, discerning customers see its value as year after year goes by, and your furniture continues to look beautiful, therefore getting plenty of use from the whole family

Eco-Safe and Child-Friendly

Powder-coating is also frequently used for professional playground equipment. Can you guess why? Without chipping and sharp edges, it’s much safer for children. Additionally, most paints require the use of a solvents in order to transition it from a liquid to a solid. Often, these solvents create volatile organic compounds, and use harmful chemicals in order to achieve the desired effect. These materials can be harmful for children, as well as pets and wild animals who spend time around such coatings.

Powder coating, on the other hand, is a solid form throughout its lifetime, and thus avoids the need for solvents. Since it bonds directly to the metal, rather than fusing to itself in a coat over the metal as paint does, you don’t run the risk of chipping and deterioration. This means that even if you have children who like to stick things in their mouth, or animals that chew on furniture, powder coatings won’t cause any harm.

Full Blown Coatings’ Industrial-Sized Oven

Here at Full Blown Coatings, we handle projects of any size. Whether that’s powder-coating 200 feet of rebar for a construction company, or refinishing old metal wind chimes, we have the capacity to handle your project. Even better, we have the experience to ensure that you get the results that you want, and enough choices on color and texture that you won’t have to feel like you’re compromising by opting for powder coatings over paint.

Call us today for a quote on your furniture coating project.