Weatherproofing Benefits of Powder Coating

We at Full Blown Coatings are proud to offer our services to businesses and residents in Utah and Wyoming. Utah and Wyoming host a wide variety of harsh climate and environmental conditions. If you live in either state, this can greatly influence how you choose to weatherproof outdoor equipment, recreational vehicles, railings, and more. For anything that is metal, powder coating makes for an excellent finish because it offers major weatherproofing benefits, even in the harshest of conditions. Here is a look at some of the biggest weatherproofing benefits of powder coating.



Utah and Wyoming don’t see a significant amount of rainfall every year, but even so, there are the occasional floods and the effects of years of combined rainfall to worry about. Powder coating offers strong protection against rain because the chemically bonded finish is extremely resilient against rust and corrosion.


Snow and ice

Just as powder coating is resilient against rain, it is resilient against snow and ice as well. Powder coating has the power to hold up against moisture for extended periods of time, such as when snow and ice are piled on top of a metal surface. This proves especially useful in Utah and Wyoming, which see an average of 50 inches of snowfall per year.


Ultraviolet rays

Utah and Wyoming also see more than their share of hot, dry weather. Even when the weather is dry, your metal equipment, vehicles, railings, and furniture can be vulnerable to damage. This is because UV rays can cause color fade. Powder coating is resistant to UV rays.


Dirt and debris

Powder coating doesn’t chip or flake in the way that paint does. For this reason, it is the perfect finish for anything that is going to come into contact with dirt and debris on a regular basis. So if you have heavy metal equipment or vehicles that encounter dirt and gravel roads on a regular basis, give them a powder coated finish to help them last longer.