QUALITY– Full Blown Coatings is a full service sandblasting and powder coating shop. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality service, delivered with fast turnaround times, in order to guarantee complete satisfaction. In addition to our experience and utilization of advanced technology, our shop also has a large, industrial-sized oven. This allows us to coat very large objects and orders with large quantities. When you work with us, you’ll get the exact results you want, delivered right on time, because we have the capacity to meet your deadline.

PREPARATION FOR POWDER COATING – All jobs need a full part description of every part dropped in writing; including measurements, colors, and any special instructions. If a PO is required for

t is critical that all items/parts are disassembled prior to arrival at Full Blown Coatings. Full Blown Coatings does

not disassemble and/or reassemble customer parts for coating. To prevent premature failure, it is critical that thick oils & weld slags are removed prior to coating. Masking will be completed per written instructions provided by the buyer. Full Blown Coatings will not be responsible for masking areas not indicated in writing or other drawing.

SANDBLASTING—Full Blown Coatings offers sandblasting service for your items/parts. We make every effort to ensure that your item is handled with care and the appropriate blasting media is used for surface treatment. However, due to the uncertainty of condition/metal integrity of items/ parts which may require blasting to remove corrosion, Full Blown Coatings is not responsible for damages resulting from our blasting services. Blasting services are available upon request for a fee of $150/hour, material price included.

PRICING AND QUOTATIONS – Quoted prices cover standard processing unless otherwise noted. In the event, additional processing is required (ex. Sanding, re-coating etc.) due to an unforeseen condition, the quoted pricing will be adjusted accordingly. All Full Blown Coatings quoted prices are before tax and subject to change without notice. Prices cannot be confirmed until parts have been delivered, inspected, processed and completed by Full Blown Coatings.

MINIMUM CHARGE – Full Blown Coatings has a $120 minimum charge PER order, and a $40 minimum charge PER COLOR.

SPECIAL ORDER POWDER COATING COLORS—Non-stock powder colors are available upon request for an additional fee based on market pricing. Please contact us for a quote on lead time and pricing for all special order powder coatings. Fees for special for special order powder coating colors are non-refundable if your order is changed or cancelled. Clear coat is required for all chrome, metallic, silver, and other certain colors, add 50% to the price. All transparent colors require a base coat; multi-stage coatings add 50% per stage to price.

payment, then a PO will be required 48 hrs before we start on your job. I

PRIVACY STATEMENT– Full Blown Coatings is committed to protecting our customer’s privacy. Any information gathered is considered confidential and will not be shared without written consent. Full Blown Coatings does not disclose any nonpublic information (such as credit card number and their expiration dates) about our customers or former customers to anyone, except as required by law. Our employees may access such information only when there is an appropriate business reason to do so, such as when a refund must be issued back to the credit card.

PAYMENT TERMS–Payment is due upon job completion & before collection of items/parts, unless payment terms have been pre-approved and in writing. Full Blown Coatings accepts checks, all major credit cards & cash. * 5% credit card processing fee will apply to ANY amount over $500. ANY amount from our 30 day net accounts that are paid with any credit card will accrue a 5% credit card processing fee. Insufficient funds/Declined Credit Cards/Returned Checks all shall result in an additional $30 fee. If buyer fails to make payments in accordance with the stated terms, Full Blown Coatings reserves the right to hold parts until the terms are met or other arrangements are made. Customer is responsible for any court and attorney fees associated with the collection of any unpaid balance.

STORAGE–Any parts left at Full Blown Coatings for 15 calendar days will be charged a storage fee of $50 per month per invoice. Any parts left at Full Blown Coatings for more than 30 calendar days will be considered abandoned and are subject to be sold for loss of goods.

TIME – All jobs are required to be in house at least 48 hours prior to scheduled date. Jobs (all parts included) not in house will be put on hold until they arrive. At which time, they will be scheduled 48 hours out from arrival of all parts. Schedule time for special order colors will begin upon arrival of powder. Unknown part conditions may alter process time. Scheduled dates & times are only guidelines & are not a guarantee of completion within that timeframe. Items received after 12pm will be processed the next business day.

RUSH ORDERS – Full Blown Coatings offers an expedited services for an additional 20% rush fee charge when scheduling allows.

UNKNOWN CONDITIONS – Quoted prices cover only Full Blown Coatings’ standard sandblast and coating process unless otherwise noted. Excessively soiled parts may require additional treatment to prepare the parts for processing and will result in additional expense. Hand sanding and applying more than one coat will result in additional cost.

PART INSPECTION— All items shall be inspected by Full Blown Coatings’ quality control specialist prior to pickup or delivery. However, customer must inspect ALL items/parts prior to collection, and must sign off that quality of work and expectations are met.

RETURNS & REPAIRS –Purchasers must contact Full Blown Coatings regarding noticeable damage, and it must be received in writing within 30 calendar days of pickup or delivery.

CUSTOMS– Candy and Illusion colors, especially gold & copper colors, are likely to have mild-severe color variance. Chromes, candies, illusions, & wrinkles are prone to bubbling if there are pin holes in substrate. Because of this, Full Blown Coatings will process the job ONE TIME ONLY. Powdered chromes, candies, illusions, & wrinkles parts requesting redo due to ANY color variance or bubbling will be charged at full price, and will schedule as a new job. All Wrinkle colored parts will require holes drills in each sealed tube. If drill holes are not done, it may result in bubbling powder; therefore, Full Blown Coatings will not be responsible and may refuse service.

WARRANTY —Full Blown Coatings offers a 12 month limited warranty items covering cracking, peeling, and extreme fading due to normal climatic exposure of powder coated surfaces. This warranty shall apply to the repair or replacement of coatings only at FBC discretion for the original materials involved, and will begin at the date of invoice. Please see our full warranty for more details.

The above constitutes the complete Terns & Conditions of Full Blown Coatings. No other agreement written or implied is valid.