Power Coated Valve Covers

Valve covers are one of the most difficult objects to keep coated. Many car owners report that coating valve covers with even the strongest high temperature paints always results in peeling over time. Powder coating is the most durable option to coat your valve covers on the market today.

Though valve covers aren’t the most crucial part of a car engine, living without fully functioning ones requires constant oiling, which in turn proves costly and inefficient. When properly coated, a good valve cover will eliminate the time and energy that would otherwise be spent on valve maintenance. At Full Blown Coatings, we custom coat each valve cover to match the specifications and wishes of each client.

Cerakote Strength

While most powder coatings out perform high-temperature paints, a Cerakote finish performs especially well at high-temperatures, making it ideal for valve covers. Cerakote and other ceramic coatings are often referred to as “exhaust coating” or “high heat coating” in the auto industry. Cerakote performs so well at high temperatures that it even reduces under-hood temperatures and improves overall thermal efficiency. In addition to withstanding a 500°F cure temperature, a valve cover coated with Cerakote also protects against wear and corrosion and is highly resistant to friction of any kind. Click here for more information on our Ceratoke powder coating process.

The Full Blown Difference

AT Full Blown Coatings, we work closely with each client to make sure we coat each part according to the needs and specifications of each job. Color and Texture options are endless, so there’s virtually no aesthetic request that cannot be fulfilled. Contact us today for more information on how we can give you the most resilient valve covers for your vehicle!