Powder Coating for Ranching Equipment

Ranching has a long and rich history in the western states—particularly in the state of Wyoming. And we at Full Blown Coatings perform powder coating jobs for a variety of industries, including ranching. Many of our customers, in fact, come to Salt Lake from Wyoming because they have ranching equipment that needs to be refinished or weatherproofed, and we are one of the top powder coating specialists in the western states.

Here is a look at some of the most commonly powder coated ranching equipment:


Ranch Signs

The trademark sign of a ranch is the ornate, heavy-gauge steel sign that spans an archway built right over the ranch entrance. Because these signs are always custom, it’s important to maintain them and protect them. Powder coating is excellent for refinishing ranch signs and making them impervious to rain, dirt, and other harsh elements.


Steel Rails

Traditional steel rails are essential for securing any ranch and for creating ranch enclosures—especially at horse ranches. Powder coated steel rails are the ultimate in durability and will stand up to changing temperatures, harsh weather conditions, wear and tear from cattle, and more.


Corral Panels

Corral panels, feedlot panels, and gates, of course, are necessary for protecting and containing ranch livestock. Powder coated panels will stand up to the wear and tear you put them through as livestock come in close contact with them on a daily basis.


Grille Guard

A steel grille guard or bumper can provide wraparound protection and protect your truck in the event of an unexpected obstacle on the road. Powder coating can ensure that your grille guard or bumper continues to look good, even through years of harsh weather and exposure to road dirt and grime. It also allows you to custom color your grille guard or bumper in cases when you do not want the traditional black finish.

Are you located in Wyoming and have equipment that needs to be customized and/or weatherproofed? Our location in Salt Lake City allows us to serve our Wyoming customers. Give us a call today at 801-790-0409 to find out what we can do for you!