How Powder Coating Works

Powder coating processWhile there is a growing popularity of powder coatings in the world today, there is a significantly lack of knowledge about what powder coatings even are or how they work. Powder coating is an interesting scientific process that came about from the scientific progress of the 20th century. Since most people don’t know a lot about it, we’d like to clear some things up and educate people on the process of powder coating…

What are powder coatings

The process of powder coating is based on a compound of polymer resin. This resin creates a smooth surface and solid color that is more reliable and consistent than paint. Various pigments are added to the polymer resin in order to control the color of the powder coating. Depending on the surfaces that it is being applied to, different types of curatives may be added, as well.

How it’s applied

Each of the above ingredients are melted together into a single concoction. This mix is then put through a process called electrostatic spray deposition (also called ESD), in which the powder coat is put through a device that breaks it down and applies it in a smooth fashion that evenly distributes the color and texture across a surface. Afterwards, the surface is put through a curing process to ensure that it remains smooth.

Why people use it

There is a growing preference to use powder coating in place of paint for many applications. It is a much more reliable medium when it comes to covering metal. Due to the high ink density, it is also much more even and controlled than paint, which is much too thin. There are also many elemental reasons to use powder coating, as paint is very susceptible to destruction from the weather. It is also very aesthetically in line with much of the industrial world.

What surfaces use it

Powder coating is terrific when it comes to covering and applying color to metal. It is also highly preferred when it comes to anything that must survive outside (as paint wears away much too quickly). It is also preferred for MDF board and certain plastics.

The durability of powder coating

Powder coating is incredibly resistant to the elements, as opposed to many other materials. The science of powder coating makes it highly heat resistant, as well as water resistant. It is also great for the outdoors, since it doesn’t fade from the sun.