Powder Coating Applications in Architecture

Metal scaffolding on the side of a building.In the past decade, industries around the world have found ways to use powder coatings to their benefit. Of these industries, one of the largest, recently, has been that of architecture. To put it lightly, powder coating is very much attached to the future of architecture, and soon we will see it being used in the construction of all post-modern buildings. Architects and contractors have found many reasons to use powder coating…


One of the prime reasons to use powder coating in architecture is in its aesthetic properties. Gordon Inc., an LA-based company that specializes in sustainable, creative metal fixtures for architectural projects powder coats nearly all of it’s products. Powder coating has a much higher gloss retention than other finishes, meaning that it will keep it’s tone and color a lot longer. It is also a way to use texture in a way that other finishes simply can’t. Right now, powder coating is a way to make a building stand out from the rest and to keep it looking shiny and new for a long time.


While other finishes are very susceptible to scuffs and rust, powder coated buildings don’t have nearly as much to worry about. The scratch and chalk resistant nature of the powder coated finish makes it one of the most durable options around today. It is also a great protection against the elements, which keep any metal components on the building from getting weaker with time. Powder coating also wears down much slower than any other finish, making it a great way to give more longevity to any construction projects.


Powder coating is free of many of the air pollutants, such as VOCs and HAPs, that are contained in other finishes. It takes much less carbon exhaust to create, and is also collectible and reusable in a way that other finishes aren’t. This, along with the powder coating industry’s unified effort to keep its carbon footprint to a negligible minimum, makes powder coating the most environmentally friendly way to approach metal coating in the business. Almost all green-building projects in this day and age use powder coating.


The use of powder coating is inherently flexible. Nearly all types of architecture nowadays make use of it, such as commercial, industrial, government, residential, and educational buildings.

A building is meant to last for a long period of time. It only makes sense to use a material that is more suited to last that timespan, while also giving a great look. This is why the use of powder coating in architecture is a growing practice that is here to stay.