Powder Coating Bright Colors for Safety!!!

Bright white stairs

Powder coating for safety
An extremely large, 1,200 pound, industrial, custom-built stairs and hand-rails came into our shop from the Salt Lake City area. The customer’s primary goal was safety for his employees, but he also needed the job finished “yesterday“, (you know how that goes!!)
Here at Full Blown Coatings, we value customer service and satisfaction!!! We were able to shift some jobs around to accommodate his needs, and finished this huge job in 2 days. Full Blown Coatings also had the perfect colors. He chose a Bright White Powder for the stairs, to reflect a bright platform for maximum visibility, and a Safety Yellow for the hand-rails, (yes, that actually IS the name of that particular powder).
Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the stairs and hand-rails installed, but with a bit of imagination…., well, you’ve got the rest 🙂