Why Should I Use Powder Coating?

powder-coated-semi-gloss-infinity-wheelsPowder coating metallic objects is becoming an increasingly popular choice among motorists. While many people are still new to this method of treating your car’s wheels, for example, powder coating has been around for a while and it certainly shouldn’t be classified as a fad.

So why should you consider using powder coating for your car? Here are a few key reasons: (more…)

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The Powder Coating Revolution

Powder Coating RevolutionThe Powder Coating Revolution is in full swing right now not just at Full Blown Coatings but throughout North America. The positive reactions to powder coated auto wheels and other powder coated treated parts increase daily at a rapid pace.

We did some research on powder coating and this process presently represents over 15% of the total industrial finishing market, according to the Powder Coating Institute (PCI).


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