Powder Coating: The Environment-Friendly Finish

powder-coated-rim-blueTaking care of our environment is a huge concern of Utahns from one end of the state to the other. Utah has a vast assortment of natural resources — majestic mountains, beautiful lakes and rivers, and countless miles of national parks with some of the greatest scenery on the earth. People from all walks of life in our state go to great lengths every day to maintain this wealth of natural beauty.

We at Full Blown Coatings are environmentally conscious citizens of this great state and we’re proud that our powder coating process doesn’t harm the environment. In case you’re new to the concept of powder coating, it’s an advanced painting technique utilizing a dry finishing process that has been around for over a half-century.

Powder coating produces a uniform, texture-free coating. The result is an attractive finish of exquisite gloss with even coverage over the entire surface that is tougher than traditional liquid painting. Powder coating is a high quality coating capable of protecting any item from scratches, rust, and corrosion as well as other kinds of damage.

Since powder coating doesn’t need a solvent when applied to an auto wheel or metallic part, for example, it can provide a long-lasting finish that is difficult to scratch or chip and it’s significantly less harsh on the environment than its liquid counterpart. Basically, the end product is free of unattractive paint runs or sags with the added benefit that very few, if any, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are released into the air. That’s right, there are no horrendous paint fumes to avoid inhaling when powder coating.

As a result, powder coating is the most environmentally and user friendly choice available for product finishes. You can now keep your valuable items durable and safe for many years to come and not worry about harming the environment. There is nothing else on the market that compares to the powder coating process.

Look over the Full Blown Coatings website and take a look at the pictures of some of our prior work to get some ideas on what you would like to have done. Our trained professionals can help you determine the best options for your metal or aluminum products.

Powder coating gives products a superior quality finish that is durable, environmentally friendly, and highly aesthetic. You’ll be pleased with the end result and you’ll derive great satisfaction knowing that you’re doing your part to preserve the environment.