Parts of Your Car to Powder Coat

Parts of Your Car to Powder Coat

A powder coating job is inherently a custom job every single time, and never is the attention to detail involved in a custom job more important than when applying powder coating to parts of a car. Your car is an investment, and any updates in the form of powder coating must be done professionally and with precision. If you’re wondering how powder coating might be applied to your car, here are three common ways that people customize their cars with powder coating.


Wheel rims are by far the most popular powder coating job for cars. Powder-coated wheels retain their finish for a very long time and are extremely durable, allowing them to stand up to the harsh wear of the roads. Your wheels will receive a rich, hard finish in virtually any color you can imagine. Wheels can even be powder coated in a three-toned style, meaning that certain inner faces of the wheels can be coated with one color, exterior lines with another color, and then fine details with yet another color. This means that your wheels can be powder coated to match exactly the rest of your car.

Under the Hood

For the truly dedicated and detail-oriented, powder coating can be applied to engine parts under the hood for a truly cohesive color scheme on your car. You can have the entire chassis frame powder-coated, or you can opt for any combination of the various engine components under your hood. A car’s engine cover if there is one makes for an especially popular powder coating candidate.


Accessories that might be attached to your car can also be powder coated to add some color—or even to match custom-coated wheel rims. Examples of these types of accessories include metal racks, nerf bars on a truck or Jeep, truck bed rails, and a sissy bar or kickstand in the case of a motorcycle.

Powder coating offers a custom finish that truly offers several advantages over spray paint, automotive paint, and even plating. It’s durable, can protect car parts from rust, and gives you just the finish that you want. It also looks a great deal more professional, making it a perfect option for those involved with car restoration. Interested in what powder coating could do for your car? Give us a call or request a price quote online today.