Should You Powder Coat Your Motorcycle?

Should You Powder Coat Your Motorcycle?

Is your motorcycle in need of a new coat of paint? If so, have you considered getting it powder coated, instead of going through the hassle of painting it, just to have it wear off and need painted again? If you aren’t sure if powder coating is right for you and your bike, here are a few of your questions answered.


What is powder coating?


Powder coating is a process of applying a strong, protective coating onto a surface that leaves you with either a matte or shiny surface. It’s durable, scratch resistant, and is commonly used on vehicles and motorcycles. The reason for this is that it lasts so much longer than regular paint does, and does a better job protecting your vehicle than paint does. 


Using a process called electrostatic spray deposition, a specialized spray gun is used to apply an electrically charged powder onto your motorcycles grounded parts. These parts are then placed in a curing oven, where this coating is chemically adhered to the part via heat. They form long molecular chains that have a high cross-link density. Which, in short, makes it so much stronger than paint. 


How does it differ from paint?


Powder coating does not rely on a liquid solvent or carrier fluid, so it emits very few volatile organic compounds. It can be applied in a thicker layer than paint can be, which provides extra durability without sagging or running, like paint would be. In addition to powder coating being much more durable than paint, it is also better for the environment!


Powder coat is difficult to remove, which can have its pros and cons. Ultimately, it’s a good idea as long as you are set on your colors and any designs you’re getting added to your bike. Because of how difficult the removal process can be, you’ll want to make sure that you are taking your motorcycle to someone reputable to powder coat it, to ensure that no mistakes are made and that you’re left with the results that you want.