The Power of Personalization

The Power of Personalization

The Power of Personalization

It’s well known that there is a transformative power to paint. A new, fresh color on the walls of a living room, cabinetry, or a thrifted piece of furniture can completely change the way we look at an object. It can change our feelings toward it, it can even change our mood. Sometimes the average paint can be enough of a game-changer, and can give you the personalization you’ve been looking for, but what if you’re looking to take it up to a whole other level?

Not All Paints and Materials Are Made Equally

Not every material lends itself well to an average paint. Sadly, with some surfaces, we can’t just take the paint to brush or roller and then to the item and hope for the best. The same can be said for a spray can. If you’ve ever painted your metal patio set only to have it rusted and peeling by the following year, you know first hand just what we mean.

What’s are your options then, if normal paint processes just won’t do? Powder Coating, of course! The process and science behind the creation of the powder coat material can be rather lengthy. Simply put, powder coating is a polymer resin base, combined with pigments, levelers, and other additives. After the ingredients are mixed and cooled, they’re ground into a fine powder. After the powder coating of the desired color is sprayed onto a metal surface, the object is placed into a special powder coating curing oven. The heat helps seal the powder particles over the product, creating a smooth, durable finish.

Get Creative with Where You Use It

Although this technique is used often on metal objects, you really can creative with what items go through this special process. Plastics and medium density fiberboard are both common materials to powder coat. Powder coating stands up to all of the elements that would otherwise cheap the paint away and rust an item. In Utah, where residents see the full range of seasons—and the weather changes that come with them—it’s a good idea to use this coating method to reduce the risks associated with the rough and tumble nature of the outdoors, or everyday life.

You can see powder coating first hand, from just about every kitchen appliance to patio furniture, to thumbtacks. Colors are almost limitless as well. From the most nuanced, and the brightest neon, to the spectacular sparkles.

Personalizing Is Powerful

Often times, there’s one or two items in our household that could either tie the place together, or make the room pop and stand out. Although you may just think a quick paint, or spray paint job will do the trick, weigh your options. Make sure that the look you’re trying to achieve will last over time. You really can take a relatively mediocre looking item and give it the oomph it needed to bring new life into an area. A little personalization can go a long way, and that’s a powerful thing.