Customizing Holiday Gifts With Powder Coating

Customizing Holiday Gifts With Powder Coating

The holidays is one of the most joyous and fun times of the year, but it can also be an overwhelming season as well. With so many amazing people in your life to give gifts to, it can start to seem repetitive after a few years. Thinking of unique and thoughtful gifts year after year can be hard, and you run out of ideas pretty quickly. A great way to add a unique spin to your gifts this year is to try customizing them with a little bit of DIY, TLC, and powdercoating.

Yetis and Tumblers


Water Bottles and thermoses are one of those things that you seem to lose on a regular basis, no matter how many of them you’ve collected. This makes them a perfect stocking stuffer or small gift for the people that you love. To make an ordinary bottle something special, get it powder coated! You can get any color, and have designs and words coated into the exterior of the cup. This is a fun way to let them know you’re thinking of them and can even include a fun and loving message to them every time they use the bottle.


Updating something they already have


Sometimes what someone needs isn’t something new, but for something they already own to get a much needed upgrade. Some great ideas of things to give a little powder coated refinish are: the hubcaps and rims on their vehicle, bike parts and accessories, wrought iron fences, house number plaques,  and even your toaster! These things need to be refinished every few years anyway to keep them looking and functioning like new, so giving these things a simple face lift is the perfect gift for someone that you love!




We mentioned powdercoating your old toaster to give it a new look, but that’s not the only thing in the kitchen that you can give a fresh coat to! Your partner will love having a few grungy kitchen items updated with a new, durable coating. Some other kitchen items that you can have powder coated are: your stove/range, flatware(just the handles, which is a fun way to add a pop of color!), your fridge, dishwasher, handles and hardware, and even the fronts of cabinets. There are so many things in your kitchen that can be powder coated for added durability and a cleaner finish.