Three Unexpected Materials to Powder Coat

Rows of powder coated paneling in a spectrum of colors. Powder Coating is a fantastic way to lay down a hard, colorful, even surface. It is used to protect heavy industrial equipment and can also be used to improve parts on cars, bikes, lawn furniture, and so much more. But metal isn’t the only thing that can be powder coated. Here are three other materials that can receive the benefits of a nice powder coat:


Metal works great for powder coat because it is electrically conductive. Powder coat particles are electrostatically sensitive, which means they are attracted to the electric current in metal and form an even coat.

Even though wood is not usually praised for its conductive properties it can still be powder coated. There are two ways this can work. First, some wood has enough moisture in it to conduct electricity. Second, if your wood is not moist enough, it can be sprayed with a conductive solution and then preheated. Basically if your wooden object can handle the heat, about 400 degrees Fahrenheit, it can be powder coated.


Like wood, plastic is not the most conductive substance in the world. But, just like wood, plastic can be cleaned and then sprayed to make it conductive. This gives the powder coat that nice and uniform appearance. Unfortunately, most plastics melt when heated up to 400 degrees. The solution is UV curing. Some powders can be cured using ultraviolet light to get that same strong and beautiful finish, without melting your plastic.  


One proven method for powder coating glass is called hot flocking. Since glass has the same troubles as plastic and wood, it does not conduct electricity, manufacturers will heat up the glass and then apply the powder. If the glass is hot enough, the powder will adhere on contact and can be placed back into the oven to finish curing.

It all boils down to this, if you have something you want powder coated, give us a call. Things don’t have to be metal to get a nice powder coat. Honestly, if your object can stand the heat give us a call. If you aren’t sure it can handle the necessary temperature, go ahead and ask us. Basically, if you are even the least bit curious about how powder coating could improve the appearance or lifespan of something, contact us at Full Blown Coatings. We’ve got the experience and knowledge to help you with whatever project you’ve got on your mind.