Top Seven Powder Coating Pins on Pinterest

Top Seven Powder Coating Pins on Pinterest

There are so many different things you can do with powder coating, and people are coming up with new powder coating projects everyday. We went to Pinterest for some inspiration, and we were pleasantly surprised by some of the most popular powder coating projects on Pinterest. Here are the top seven powder coating projects on Pinterest, to help inspire you on your next project!

Powder Coating Glasses

You can absolutely transform an ordinary glass bottle with some simple powder coating in absolutely any color. These would make a great summer centerpiece, all you have to do is add a few flowers to your new brightly colored glass bottles.

Powder Coating Spoons

This is a unique, and stunning, project idea. This would work best with spoons that have a rather fat, and smooth handle, so there’s more surface area to cover in powder coating. You could coat the handles all the same color, or you could select a rainbow of colors instead.

Yeti Cups

This is a fairly popular idea. Powder Coated Yeti cups go for a pretty penny on Etsy, so doing it yourself is a great idea, because you could coat a dozen or so yeti cups at the same time, and spend a fraction of what it would cost to custom order them.

Stunning Powder Coated Frames

You won’t be able to find more beautiful or durable frames anywhere else. Powder coating them yourself makes them resistant to scratches and scuffs, as well as being totally customizable, so you can do absolutely anything with them.

Powder Coated Faucets and Bathroom Hardware

Imagine a very monotone, chic bathroom. Everything is grey, or white. But then the faucets, shower handles, etc. are all powder coated a vibrant color. That’s the idea behind this project. As a bonus, powder coating your faucets means you’ll get less nasty hard water buildup.

Powder Coated Stove Tops

If you have an old white stove top, and you’re wanting some change but you don’t necessarily want to throw out your stove and get a new one, consider powder coating the surface of your stove top. You could powder coat it with the same white, and just update it to make it look new again. Or you can use a new color and make your kitchen pop.


If you have a metal gate, powder coating it is a great way to make it more weather-resistant, and also give it a more finished look.