Restoring Decorative Metalwork Antiques

Restoring Decorative Metalwork Antiques

Iron fenceOf all the art forms out there, metal is the most enduring medium you can choose. Metalwork is a beautiful fusion of science, craftsmanship, and pure grit. In order to form metal art, one must have a familiarity with the different base metals and their various strengths and functions. In addition, you must have the tools and technology needed to work the metal. Lastly, you need to have a keen eye that can work around the intractability of the metal, to communicate an aesthetic with clear, direct lines.

Because powder coatings are best used on metal surfaces, we see a lot of formed metal coming through our facility. Sometimes, that metal is strictly functional, and other times it’s decorative. We believe that the most notable pieces are a beautiful mix of both.

The beauty of metal is that it endures. While paint inevitably chips off, the metal itself still holds the beautiful structure and bones of a work of art. That’s why old metal items are the perfect candidates for getting a second life through powder coatings. We love to see people bring in old iron-wrought fences and patio furniture. We see interesting, unique pieces, like hanging and posted lanterns. Vintage house letters and mailboxes show up, and after a trip to our curing oven, they’re borne away with a new lease on life.

Some FAQ’s About Powder Coating Antiques

  • How do powder coatings do in the sun? Powder coatings are built to withstand harsh outdoor temperatures. Powder coatings are flexible, and can handle the tendency of metals to expand in the heat and contract in the cold without damaging the coating at all. The brilliant colors don’t wash out, as even the highest quality paint is wont to do.
  • How big of an item can you handle? Here at Full Blown Coatings, we handle projects from the simplest at-home DIY project to huge commercial orders for industrial materials. Our industrial-sized facility means that we can handle even large personal projects easily, and more quickly.
  • What kinds of metals can you coat? Just about every metal is eligible for powder coating, once it’s been blasted and prepped. We can take a good look at your vintage item and let you know what kind of result you’re likely to get from powder coating, but
  • What colors and finishes are available? Powder coating is available is a variety of colors and finishes. Browse our gallery to see for yourself.

Benefits of Powder Coating

Powder coating is the perfect pairing for metalwork for a few reasons. For one thing, it’s just about the only substance you’ll find out there that endures just as well as metal. Powder coatings never chip off, since the coating is made of electronically charged particles that cling to each other and the surface, permanently. Heat-resistant and eco-friendly, powder coatings are the go-to choice for huge industrial engines, as well as household microwaves.