Go Greener with Powder Coatings

Go Greener with Powder Coatings

You probably already know that powder coatings are one of the longest-lasting and most durable options for coating your decorative, industrial, and mechanical materials. However, did you know that powder coating is also the most eco-friendly option out there? Our unique, cutting-edge technique bypasses the use of harmful compounds and chemicals, recycles materials, and prevents touch-ups.

Because of its eco-friendly nature, powder coating is an especially useful option for materials that will be in contact with food, structures that are often used by children and animals, and large-scale industrial projects that must be in compliance with the EPA’s standards. To learn more about the eco-friendly benefits of powder coatings, read on!

No Solvents and VOC’s

Most liquid paint options include solvents in order to keep a liquid texture and flexibility. Solvents contain VOC’s, or volatile organic compounds. These compounds are released into the air as the paint dries. As anyone who’s spent time around wet paint knows, VOC’s can be toxic and often cause headaches and nausea. They can also be harmful to the environment.

On the other hand, powder coatings aren’t liquid, and therefore are applied without the need for solvents. Instead, the coating is applied and attached using electrostatic charge, as well as heat-based curing.

Re-Useable Media

The powder used to coat can easily be used again. This is a big differentiation from paint, which is wasted if there are drips and puddling. Instead, we can use every bit of our powder coating, even when there’s overspray during application.

No Heavy Metals

Heavy metals like lead and cadmium are often used as pigmentation in liquid paints. Heavy metals can be dangerous to the environment and to children or animals who might consume chipped or cracked paint. Although modern paints try to minimize the use of heavy metals, they’re still frequently included. Powder coatings don’t use heavy metals at all to create their brilliant pigments, and the hardiness and structure of the coating means that there’s no chipping or cracking.

This consideration is especially important if you’re using the coating for a dog fence, a containment area where your child can wander around, or a birdcage.

Choose Powder for Environmentally-Friendly Coatings

Powder coatings are hands-down the best option for those who are environmentally conscious. This revolutionary technique answers all of the concerns presented by traditional liquid paint. In addition, the infamously hardy coating won’t need touch-ups and redos as often as liquid paint because the brilliant coating resists heat expansion, sun-bleaching, and wear-and-tear that makes paint crack and chip.