5 Everyday Things You Had No Idea Were Powder Coated
naked baby in a crib playing with a ball

5 Everyday Things You Had No Idea Were Powder Coated

There are a lot of everyday household products that you use that you probably assume are painted, when they’re actually powder coated. This just goes to show that powder coating has so many different uses, more than you would think. Here are five things you had no idea were powder coated.


These look painted, but that would be incredibly time consuming and tedious. Powder coating thumbtacks makes the job a lot easier, and the coating is much more durable than regular paint would be.


The reason the inside of microwaves are powder coated is because the polymers inside them don’t heat up, which means that it’s not unsafe to use, like paint would be. Powder coating is also non-toxic, meaning your food won’t be contaminated!


Powder coating is totally kid and baby friendly, making it ideal for cribs, baby toys, strollers, and anything else that you use to interact with your child everyday. Babies love to chew on anything they can get their hands on, and paint would be highly unsafe if your child was to ingest it. Powder coating is so durable that even the sharpest of babies teeth won’t mark up the coating, meaning your baby stays safe!

Your Bathroom Scale

Anything that is going to be regularly withstanding weight needs to be durable. Especially something that’s going to spend it’s whole life on the floor of your bathroom. Bathroom scales get pushed around and kicked, as well as being stepped on often. A powder coat keeps your bathroom scale looking new long after you’ve purchased it, and keeps it from getting dinged and damaged from spending so much time on the floor.

Fire Extinguisher

Although we always hope there will never be reason to use our fire extinguishers, if the need ever arises, we need them to incredibly durable and heat resistant. Using anything else on the surface of your fire extinguisher would be useless, either melting or getting too heated up. A powder coating keeps your fire extinguisher harm free, so you don’t have anything extra to worry about.

These are only 5 of the many things you interact with on a daily basis that are powder coated, that you probably assumed were painted. Powder coating finish can improve almost any product, and is so many more places than you’d think. You probably have at least ten items in your home that are already powder coated!