Adding Pops of Color to Your Wedding Decor

Adding Pops of Color to Your Wedding Decor

bright wedding flowersDo you want to have a wedding that is bright and full of color? Planning a DIY wedding gives you the opportunity to truly customize your decor and feature colors that fit your desired color palette. Here are some ways that you can add color to your wedding decor—in a way that fits your exact color palette.

Bright table linens

If your wedding reception will feature tables for a sit-down meal, consider getting colorful with the table linens. If you think bright tablecloths will be too loud as part of the overall look, go with bright and colorful linen napkins instead.

Colorful florals

Your flowers are another place, of course, where you can make things brighter. Just about every wedding features flowers, so if you’re looking to add some color to your decor, flowers is an easy place to do that. Just make sure you go with flowers that happen to come in a wide variety of colors, such as roses, carnations, peonies, or hibiscus. This will work especially well if you place flowers here and there in unexpected places, such as on your wedding cake, on the table settings, on the wedding ceremony chairs, or at the guestbook table.

Powder coated chairs

If your wedding reception will feature metal chairs, consider having them powder coated before the big day. You can have them painted in virtually any color, meaning you can choose an exact color—like mint or gold or coral—from your color palette. As a bonus, the powder coated finish will offer durability and weatherproofing that spray paint can’t duplicate.

Bright shoes

Don’t forget—you can consider the wedding attire part of the “decor” as well. If you’re going for a truly bright wedding, consider opting for colorful wedding shoes—be it just for the bride or for all of the bridesmaids. Though not traditional, they’ll make for an especially bold look on your wedding day.

Colored confetti

Many weddings feature confetti, used for tossing at the bride and groom as they walk back up the aisle together and/or as the bride and groom are exiting the wedding reception. Use bright and colorful confetti here to add something extra to those photos. Some people even opt to use rainbow cake sprinkles.

Colorful ribbons

Multi-colored ribbons are another way to add color, and you can use them in a variety of places in your decor—hanging from trees, tied to ceremony and reception chairs, tied to the bouquets, etc.