Boost Your Curb Appeal with Powder Coating

black metal mailbox on green lawnPowder coating has a variety of applications, and it can be used to give your home a fresh new look without spending much money. Here is a look at some things along the front of your home that you can powder coat in order to give them new life.

Metal railings

As you may have noticed on our galleries page, metal railings are a project that we see very often. If your home features metal railings along the front, be it along the front porch or along the front steps, a fresh powder coated image can make your front railings look entirely new. You always have the option of choosing a powder coat finish that matches the original finish, but this is also a great time to try for a whole new look without making a huge investment. Black is an especially popular color for metal railings right now because it will give your railings that sophisticated cast iron look; but white is a popular and stunning option as well.

Porch furniture

Does your front porch feature any metal furniture, such as a metal side table, a metal porch swing, or metal chairs? Powder coating can completely refresh the look of your metal furniture, and it’s one part of the front of your home that you can really get creative with. Whether you want a neutral color or something more bold for your furniture, powder coating can give you exactly the look that you want.

Light fixtures

Light fixtures are exposed to a great deal of wear and tear, especially in climates that see a lot of rain, snow, or ice. Sandblasting and then powder coating metal light fixtures can remove any rust and give them a new, gleaming finish. Opt for a powder coated finish that resembles the original metal finish, or pick something entirely new that pairs well with new front door fixtures.

House numbers

Many homes don’t have visible house numbers. Buying even simple house numbers for your home and displaying them artfully somewhere along the front of your home can boost your curb appeal tremendously. Most metal house numbers are powder coated, so you can count on them to last a while.


Need to refinish a metal mailbox? Powder coating will give you a reliable finish that you can expect to last for years to come. Or, you could by an entirely new mailbox—which will likely feature a powder coat finish.