Pinterest-Worthy Powder Coating Projects

Colorful lockersPowder coating is a durable yet beautiful way to spice up your life.  If you’re looking for a few ways to polish your decor here are a few powder coating projects that truly are pinterest-worthy.

Mud Room Lockers

Organize your mudroom with a set of powder coated school lockers.  Get your hands on a set of school lockers, and bring them in for a unique powder coating to give them new life and color.  You can paint them all one color, or you can give each locker it’s own color for extra fun.  

Folding Chairs

Why settle for boring metal folding chairs when you can have colorful powdercoated chairs in virtually every color.  Bring in your folding chairs and we can make each one a different, fun color, guranteed to make your next party a hit.  

Coat Rack

A great way to add a splash of color to your home is to paint a standing or hanging coat rack.  We will help you get the perfect color that your home needs to make it feel alive again.  


Most mailboxes are black and white, but it is possible to powder coat your mailbox a unique color such as blue, pink, or green.   Just make sure that you check with your HOA before bringing it in, as some have rules and restrictions regarding mailboxes.  

Lawn Furniture

We often see lawn furniture such as tables, chairs, metal couches, etc. come through our doors because they are a boring color or the owners want to increase their durability.  If you are in the same boat, bring yours in! Your furniture will seem brand new in no time at all.  

Metal Bookcase

If you find the perfect metal bookcase that needs new life breathed into it, we’d be more than happy to powder coat it to help it last longer and have a color scheme that matches your home.  


If your neighbors are constantly borrowing your tools and never returning them, or if you would just like to have a set in a color other than black or silver, we can powder coat them to match your personality.   You will also always be able to identify which tools are yours in case they get mixed up.  

Small Metal Decor

If you find something that is simply adorable, but unfortunately the wrong color, bring it in and we will turn it into a perfect find.  For example, if you find a metal lighthouse that is perfect for you nautical room, but unfortunately, it’s painted yellow and you’d prefer it to be red, we can do that for you!