Things You Can’t Powder Coat

things you can't powder coatPowder coating can give materials a colorful yet durable finish that is weather resistant, water resistant, and even abrasion resistant. There are many things that you can powder coat, the most common material being metal, but you can also powder coat some plastics, glass, some wood, and MDF. However, not all materials can be powder coated. Read on to learn what you can’t powder coat.


Wood is tricky to powder coat for two reasons — the first that it doesn’t always withstand the extreme temperature, and second that it isn’t always electrically conductive. The first can be combatted by using a low temperature process, and the second by selecting a wood that is electrostatic, such as MDF. However, it is not always possible to powder coat wood.


Powder coating glass requires additional work in order to powder coat it. Sometimes, simply putting a piece of metal on the other side of the glass will help the powder stick, although this method is not always effective. Again, you have to make sure that the object you are trying to powder coat can withstand the temperatures of the oven. Bring in your glass object and we can consult you on the best steps forward.


Unfortunately, most plastics cannot withstand the heat of the ovens, causing them to melt (the curing process requires temperatures upwards of 400 degrees). Plastic is also not naturally electrically charged. However, some plastics can be powder coated if you keep the temperatures low and if the plastic is durable enough.


Every once in awhile, we are asked if we can powder coat fabric. Unfortunately, the answer is no. Fabric would not be able to withstand the extreme temperatures of the oven. It is better to use processes such as dye sublimation to achieve your desired look.

Items Without a Charge

If you do try to powdercoat an item that doesn’t have a charge, typically the spray will not stick to the object and end up on the ground instead. However, you can preheat some items and powdercoat them while they are still hot. The powder coating will melt when it touches the hot object, and you can coat the entire thing this way. However, it is possible to put too much powder coating on by using this method, compromising the integrity of the paint.


If you’re wondering what we can and can’t powder coat, don’t hesitate to bring in your object, or fill out our contact form for more information.