Powder Coated Items You Already Have

AddressYou may think that powder coating is a process that’s limited to industrial materials and power tools. It’s true that thanks to its durability, it’s a favorite for coating and sealing items that get used hard every day. However, it’s also incredibly versatile. The truth is, you’ve probably seen many examples of powder coating around you every day, and simply never noticed.

Here are a few common items that you’ve probably seen around your household that are powder coated.

Your House’s Address Numbers

That’s right, it’s usually powder coating that we depend on to keep your address strongly defined to your visitors. Powder coating has lots of options for color and texture, which means that you can customize it according to the color scheme set for your home’s exterior. Once they’ve been powder coated, the color and shine holds up to the ravages of weather.

Your Microwave’s Interior

The inside of your microwave undergoes a lot of stress. The daily, immediate heating and cooling can make problems for many materials, which crack as they expand and contract. Microwave interiors must also be smooth and easy to clean frequently. Powder coating holds up to heat, as well as friction caused when you scrub, ensuring that your microwave continues to function well, and be healthy and safe.

Light Fixtures

Many of the lamps and light hangings in your house are finished with powder coating. Normal paint and other materials warp, crack, and discolor with constant exposure to heat from your light bulbs. However, powder coating stands up against the temperature. It also deflects the heat better than bare metal often will, which prevents a shock of heat when you have to reach up to adjust the light fixtures.

The Fire Extinguisher

According to fire code regulations, everyone needs to have a fire extinguisher in their house–usually in their kitchen. You usually don’t notice this item, hanging unobtrusively in a corner, but you trust that if you need it, it’ll be there. Powder coating ensures that your fire extinguisher will retain its integrity, even in the face of extremely cool temperatures inside and extremely hot ones outside. As you can see, powder coatings can also provide that fire engine red shine that makes it easy for you to find and grab your extinguisher in an emergency.

After noticing these examples around your house, it’s easy to see the benefits of powder coating. While it simply looks like an excellent, new coat of paint, it holds up better to heat, wear, and abrasion than any coat of paint you’ve ever seen, however great that paint was applied and prepped. Powder coating is different. It’s applied in powder form instead of liquid, so that when it dries or cures, there’s no change in the way that it fits on the surface it’s been applied to. Trust powder coating as the way to create durable, beautiful, long-lasting finishes to your favorite products.