Household Items You Didn’t Realize You Could Powder Coat

green bird cageHere at Full Blown Coatings, we talk a great deal about the most commonly powder coated items—vehicle parts, bike frames, metal furniture, railings, and guns, to name a few. But powder coating isn’t reserved only for these standard items. Here is a look at some not-so-common things that look great when powder coated.


If you read our blog post from earlier this month about powder coating railings, then you already know that residential and commercial railings alike are commonly powder coated in order to give them an appealing and durable finish. But did you know that aluminum or iron fencing can be sandblasted and powder coated as well to restore it to its former beauty (or to give it an entirely new look)? This applies to gates as well. Powder coating is a great option for you if you want to breathe new life into your fencing investment without having to make a big new investment.

Sports equipment

Have metal sports equipment that has seen better days? Think of a soccer or hockey goal, basketball hoop rim, ski poles, baseball bats, and more. Sports equipment in particular sees a great deal of everyday wear and tear, so powder coating is a great option for helping your equipment stand up to such heavy use.

Gardening equipment

The same applies to gardening equipment, which also sees a great deal of everyday wear and tear. Consider the wagon, wheelbarrow, shovels, rakes, and hoes that reside in your gardening shed. How many of them now harbor rust and have lost their luster? The powder coating process will remove that rust and give your gardening equipment a new, custom look.


How’s that barbecue in your backyard holding up to the harsh elements? If it’s beginning to harbor rust or see chipped paint, getting it powder coated with a special high-heat resistant finish is definitely a good idea.

Stand mixer

Did you register for a pear green colored stand mixer at your wedding, only to grow tired of the color after a few years passed? As far as powder coating for small appliances goes, stand mixers are a very popular option for powder coating.

Bird cage

Have a vintage bird cage that could use some rust removal and sprucing up (for a wedding, perhaps)? Such a task would require hours upon hours of manual labor if you opted to remove the rust and then spray paint the cage yourself. Sandblasting and powder coating makes easy work of restoring something as intricate as a bird cage. Other vintage metal items are great candidates for sandblasting and powder coating as well.