Powder Coating for Your Railings

stoops with railingsPowder coating is an excellent option for residential and commercial railings alike. Not only can it remove rust and buildup from an old railing, but it can also give your railing an entirely new look and texture. Here is a look at what powder coating can do for all types of railings.

Deck railings

Deck railings are an especially common type of residential railing, and they need to be able to stand up to prolonged sun exposure and harsh weather conditions just like the rest of your deck. Powder coating can give your deck railings a finish that perfectly suits the style of the rest of your deck, all while giving it durability against UV rays, wind, debris, and harsh precipitation. Powder coated metal deck railings look especially stunning when paired with a stained and treated wood or wood-look deck.

Decorative railings

Does your home feature decorative railings in its landscape? Maybe your property features an intricate cast iron or aluminum fence, a bridge with metal railings, or railings surrounding a set of stairs. Powder coating will help protect your decorative railing investment by giving your railings a high quality, durable finish that you can rely on.

Commercial railings

Commercial railings, be they in a retail space, public indoor space, or public outdoor space are essential for meeting regulation and ensuring the safety of those individuals who pass through your space. Powder coating is a great option for commercial railings because it can offer exactly the high quality colored and textured finish that you want for your railings. Powder coatings also gives railings tremendous durability. With powder coating, you can make your railings resistant to scratches, cracks, corrosion, rust, fading, UV rays, harsh weather, and more. Your railings will even be able to stand up to the heavy everyday wear and tear that commercial railings so often see, looking new even years after you powder coated them.

Safety railings

Safety railings are crucial to maintaining safety in the workplace, and they often happen to be required by federal law, as well. This makes it all the more important to ensure that the railings in your work environment are of the highest quality and clearly marked. Powder coating is an excellent option for safety railings because it can restore them to new condition and give them a new, bright color.

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