Using Powder Coating in Your Car Restoration

Classic vintage restored carAre you working on a car restoration project this summer? Car restoration is a popular hobby, but it can be a bigger challenge than many people anticipate. It will take time, passion, and know-how.

We can help make your project successful with power coating. Most restoration buffs find power coating the perfect finish for their vintage car.

Some Advantages to Powder Coating Your Restoration:

  • Powder coating is much more durable than spray paint. It will hold up to heat, weather, and wear.
  • We have so many options available for color and finish that you’ll be able to find the aesthetic that will match your project.
  • Powder coating is usually cheaper than 2-part automotive paint options, so you can get lots of parts, and big parts, done while staying inside of your budget.
  • Rust is one of the biggest dangers of an old car’s restoration process. It’s like a cavity – if it’s not cleaned and covered, it will continue to eat away at the parts until they are irreparably damaged. Powder coating will protect your vintage vehicle from rust and corrosion.
  • Powder coating is fantastic for springs and other movable parts because it’s both flexible and durable. Since it’s made using electrostatically-bonded dry particles, it doesn’t create a film that will crack with movement.

The Advantages of Full Blown Coatings: 

  • We handle projects ranging from personal projects to industrial orders, which means that no project is too big and no project is too small. Whatever your needs, we can help you take care of it
  • We also offer ceramic coating, which is a great option for engine parts and items that will be exposed to extreme heat.
  • Our professional, helpful team can guide you to help you choose the best option for your restoration.
  • We also take care of media blasting to prep the metal beforehand. This is an essential step in making sure that the final product turns out well, so our tools, know-how, and experience will be a great asset to you.

Consider powder coating for…

  • frame and suspension
  • brake and clutch pedal
  • alternator
  • oil pan
  • engine parts
  • and of course, the wheels

A true enthusiast will want every piece of the car, inside and out, as original as possible. Powder coating allows you to use original parts, and yet provide them with modern protection.

Let us help you with your car restoration project this summer! We have the resources and knowledge to help make your project a success!