A Fresh Coat of Powder for Your ATV

Couple outdoors on an ATVSummer’s here again, which means that most of us are feeling the call of the great outdoors pulsing through our veins. It’s the perfect time to go exploring, hunting, fishing, and hiking. Do you have an ATV that helps you get out into the deep woods and open spaces?

ATVs can be used for fun or function. But in either case, for many people their ATV is their baby. It’s the most fun toy you own, and the perfect tool for any adventure. But we have a question for you: does your vehicle stand out? Does it look like YOU?

Maybe it’s time to think about a fresh coat of powder.

Why Choose Powder Coating?

If you’re like most outdoor sportsmen, you ride your ATV hard. You don’t want to avoid adventures or locations simply because you’re afraid of chipping a coat of paint. Powder coating is used to protect and coat industrial tools. It will stand up to your escapades and still hold its vivid color and protective qualities.

Rust resistance
During application, metal parts are cleaned and treated to provide the best bond between the material and the powder coating. After application, powder coating won’t chip and crack, leaving no openings for rust to settle in and erode your vehicle.

Striking aesthetic options
Our wide range of colors and finishes means that you can customize your vehicle exactly the way you want it. Powder coating can be very versatile. You’ll be able to choose from strong, saturated colors, color fades, and a variety of textures to create the look you want.

Using Full Blown Coatings

Powder coating, unlike any kind of liquid paint, is applied dry. Electrostatically charged particles cling to the grounded surface of the item that you’re coating, creating beautifully even distribution. As the powder is placed in a 350-400 degree oven, the powder flows, cures, and bonds to the other particles and to the surface of the newly-coated material. This creates a striking and lasting finish to metal accents pieces and frames on your ATV. You’ll feel like it’s brand new all over again!

Powder coatings work best on metal surfaces. Consider a new look for your vehicle’s frame, grille, and undercarriage.

Here at full blown coatings, we have a professional team and the capacity to deal with large frames. You can trust us to refinish your vehicle and give you the very best results.

Next time you’re out on the back roads, turn some heads. Let us know what we can do to help!