Make Powder Coating a Part of Spring Home Renovations

outdoor lamp postSpring is one of the best times to renovate your home, and your home renovations at this time of the year need not be quite as expensive as you might think. When you choose to repurpose rather than replace, you can enjoy significant savings, all the while giving your home a completely new and updated look. Powder coating in particular is a great way to give older pieces in your home new life so that you can avoid unnecessarily replacing them—and continue to enjoy them for years to come. Here are some of the many ways that you can involve powder coating in your home renovations this spring.

Light fixtures

Outdoor light fixtures and lamp posts contribute significantly to your home’s overall curb appeal, yet they can easily become worn over time as they are exposed to high levels of sunlight, rain, ice, debris, wind, and more. If you’re considering giving your outdoor light fixtures a new finish, you’ll definitely want to opt for a powder coated finish over spray paint. Powder coating is much more durable than any painted finish and will look much more professionally done, which is especially important if you want something that can withstand the elements while contributing to your curb appeal.

This applies to more than outdoor light fixtures as well—powder coating your indoor metal light fixtures is a great way to update your interior look without having to invest in new, expensive indoor fixtures.

Sink fixtures

In addition to light fixtures, you can also powder coat the fixtures on your sinks, showers, and tubs. This is a great idea for making a bold statement with your sink and tub fixtures.

Steel cabinets

Does your garage or home workspace feature steel cabinets? If your cabinets are starting to look a little dull, you can give them new life with a new powder coated finish.

Metal railings

Do you have metal railings in or around your home, or metal structures surrounding an outdoor patio? This is another area where powder coating is truly the best option for an updated look, as it is highly durable even in harsh weather.

Outdoor furniture

With the weather warming up, you’re likely going to be using your outdoor furniture a lot more often soon. Why not give it a good update beforehand? Even if your outdoor furniture is beginning to rust, you can have a powder coating company blast away the old finish and apply a fresh new one in any color you desire. You can use powder coating to simply update the finish on your outdoor furniture, or you can use it to change up its look entirely.