How to Make Old Things New With Powder Coating

Gift BoxPowder coating is an incredible process that can restore old parts and products to look like new.  Powder coating has been around for over 50 years, and has been used commercially as well as privately to make new things last longer and add life to parts that would otherwise have to be retired.   Powder coating makes parts more weather resistant as well as waterproof, protecting the part from the elements.  Read below how powder coating can save you from having to buy brand new parts.


Before powder coating anything, we do a sandblast treatment.  This pre-treatment removes any old finishes, dirt, rust, etc. from the part.  This helps the powder coating stick better as well as cleans the part.  However, if your part has oil or grease on it, that will need to be removed before bringing it in.  It honestly does not matter what finish your part had on it before, we can remove it to powder coat it.  

Powder Coating Strengthens

Powder coating is a high-quality finish that adds life to many surfaces.  It is often used on surfaces that are exposed to the elements, as it adds an additional barrier between wind, rain, sun, etc. and the surface.  Powder coating will add life to anything you coat, as it will protect the surface from scratching, rusting, fading, etc.  

You Can Powder Coat Almost Anything

Powder coating is incredibly versatile; you can powder coat lawn chairs, mailboxes, car parts, tractors, railings, light fixtures, hand tools, toys, electronic cigarette devices, vases, some wood, and more.  If you have something lying around that you want to make look like new, bring it in.  For example, last Christmas, we powder coated an old scooter that used to look old and worn and made it look brand new.  If you have a question whether or not something can be powder coated, feel free to contact us.  

Powder Coating Makes Surfaces Look Better

Surfaces that are powder coated look brand new.  They are given a smooth surface that is less likely to scratch, chip, or fade.  You can choose either a matte or shiny finish for your powder coating, as well as a whole variety of colors and textures.

Powder Coating is Green

Powder coating is safe, environmentally friendly, and does not require any volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  Any over spray that we use can be re-used, making our process very energy efficient.