Places You See Powder Coating Every Day

red fire extinguisherIf you’ve only recently heard of powder coating, then you might be surprised to find just how commonly you see it in everyday life. Here are some of the most common applications for powder coating.

Car Parts

Powder coating is especially common for car parts. Powder coating rims is a continuingly hot trend, as it increases the durability of the wheels while preventing damage like chipping and flaking that you so frequently see with painted finishes. You’ll also see powder coating on the finer details of cars, such as on door handles, bumpers, decorative trim, and engine parts. Other vehicles like motorcycles, ATVs, and construction equipment see their fair share of powder coating as well.

Outdoor recreational products

From commercial playground equipment to residential outdoor furniture, powder coating abounds. Powder coating provides a sturdy and reliable finish for outdoor furniture and equipment that will withstand the elements and last in a way that spray paint and other liquid coatings can’t duplicate. Powder coating also happens to protect metal objects from rust.


On a similar note, you’ll see powder coating in commercial and residential landscaping as well—be it on commercial railings or gates large and small.


Ever wondered why the original paint job on your bike looks so seamless? That’s because it’s probably powder coated.


One thing that contributes to the more polished look of a new appliance is a powder coating finish. You’ll often find powder coating on the front and side panels of stoves, refrigerators, and water heaters. Sometimes you’ll find it on washers and dryers as well as a replacement for the traditional enamel used.

Football helmets

Yep—the central thing that contributes to that ultra shiny and professional looking finish on football helmets is powder coating.

Basketball rims

While on the topic of sports, you may have noticed that while the rest of a basketball hoop might begin to look aged with time, often that basketball rim remains pristine. (You can thank powder coating for that.)

Interior decor

You’ll find many decorative items in your home that have been powder coated as well, be they metal shelves, wall art pieces, or small metal living room accents for your end tables.

Fire extinguishers

The classic, shiny red finish you’re so used to is the result of powder coating.