Powder Coating Myths

Mystic BookEvery industry is surrounded with strange myths, and powder coating also has their fair share of stories.  Powder coating is a free-flowing dry powder that is applied to different surfaces.  The object that you are coating is charged with a negative electric charge, and the powder is shot at the object through a gun that gives the particles a positive charge.  The object is then cured in an oven, creating strong chemical bonds that seal the coating.  While the process seems easy enough, many do not understand it, so they create myths.  Read on for the most common myths surrounding powder coating.

Powder Coating is Indestructible

While Powder coating is very strong, it is not indestructible.  It is able to withstand everyday use from heavy machinery in construction sites, and helps prevent corrosion, rust, and weathering. However, over time it is possible that the powder coating can crack or chip, allowing the part to rust or become damaged.  Once it starts to crack, it can act like an egg shell, and will continue to crack and peel.  Although, if the powder coating is applied properly and cured correctly, you should not experience problems for many, many years.  

Powder Coating Only Works On Metal

Powder coating does work best on metallic surfaces, as they are very electroconductive.  

There are other surfaces besides metal that are electroconductive that you can powder coat.  You can powder coat MDF board, glass and some plastics.  If the substance that you are trying to powder coat is not electroconductive, the powder will just fall off.  Another thing you have to consider when you powder coat things, is can the material withstand the heat required to cure the paint?  If the part will melt or burn in the oven, it cannot be powder coated.

You Can Buy a DIY Kit Online for $100 and Get the Same Results as a Professional Shop

Well, yes, you can buy a DIY powder coating kit for about $100.  However, you probably won’t get the same professional protection, guarantee, and uniformity as you would if you brought the object you would like to powder coat to a professional.  Most people who try DIY powder coating fail to properly pre-treat the object, and so the powder coating doesn’t last very long.  Also, most ovens only have a bottom element that is used to heat the space, so part of the powder coating substance can become scorched, and the other side will not cure the way it is supposed to.  It is also very difficult to get an even coat with basic tools.  

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