Powder Coated Trailers in Utah

Powder Coated trailer UtahPowder Coated trailerTrailers are used for a number of things, and can really take a beating. Towing increases the risk that a rock or other debris will compromise the painted finish and invite or accelerate corrosion.  In northern Utah climates, this could be exacerbated by the presence of snow melting chemicals used in early and late seasons…or, if the trailer is stored outside, the presence of rain on any exposed surface can also accelerate corrosion.

By using a zinc primer as a base coat, and a powder coat (color of your choice) as the top coat, this supports that the metal will have the added protection it needs to withstand all this drastic Utah weather.

Full Blown Coatings understands that because trailer frames vary greatly in size and configuration, proper curing requires large ovens and extreme sources of heat. Required curing temperatures must be obtained with each trailer, so the powder will melt and adhere to the surface. Most powder must be cured for 10 minutes at 400 degrees F.

Full Blown Coatings, neighboring Sandy Utah, has a 23 foot oven, which makes large parts our specialty!