Personalize Your Electronic Vapestick!!!

Custom Powder Coated E-cig

E-cig/ Vape sticks powder coated customizedPowder Coating is a great way to turn a piece of metal into a feminine, cute accessory, or a tough, unique, conversation piece.

With all the thousands of people that are now turning to Electronic Cigarette/ Vapor Stick/ Ecigs, there are hundreds of vapesticks floating around, and if I know you, you are customizing and fine-tuning it specifically to your likings, which isn’t always easy……

Here at Full Blown Coatings in Utah, we are able to add detail to your powder coated piece, which gives you another option to personalize your ecig.  We can do solid (glossy, satin, or flat), candy (transparent color), texture, glitter, wrinkle, vein, and metallic finishes.

Veins that are covered with a candy top coat, create a chemical reation, separating the vein powder from the top coat, causing a two tone effect. The finished look is streaks of alternate colors that appear throughout the part, which adds a professional look and added dimension to the part. Antique or vein are textured metallic finishes that add visual dimensional layers to objects that otherwise show no character. They also hide uneven surfaces and are easy to maintain.

Glitter finishes contain sparkling metallic flakes suspended in a clear coat. They can be applied over any base-coat color, providing a high range of effects by just changing the base-coat color. This provides multiple-color sparkles to add delight and cheerfulness to any color.