Powder Coating: Colors and Textures

Many colors to choose fromColors play an important part in our daily lives and not just because they are pleasing to the eye. Of course, aesthetics are an important aspect of colors, but colors are also used to communicate important information. So, while a bright yellow may be the perfect color to make the rims on your car stand out, the same yellow may also be just the right color for a stair railing for the same reason.

Here at Full Blown Coatings, we have over 6,500 different powder coating colors to choose from. With so many choices, it may seem like a daunting task to get just the right color for your project. So, based on our experience, we’ve come up with a few tips to help make the color selection process a little bit easier:

  1. Consider the purpose of your project. Powder coating will protect your part no matter what color it is, but the purpose that part serves can greatly influence the right color choice. If you’re simply protecting items to preserve their natural state or beauty then you will most likely want to match a particular color and texture scheme. Our powder coating professionals can help you match existing colors and textures.

  2. Some parts need to be colored for functional purposes. For example, it is ideal to have bright colored railings and guards at industrial complexes. In such cases, consider possible standards or requirements that may exist. For example, if a part needs to be colored for safety, an organization like OSHA may have certain color requirements that need to be met. Our trained professionals can help you get an exact match on whatever color you might need in your facility.

  3. Also consider the environment that a part might be exposed to. While powder coating is extremely durable, it is still subject to getting smudges or scuff marks from coming into contact with other parts. If this is a possibility, it might be best to select a color which will help minimize the visibility of such marks.

Powder coating has diverse applications and as such, it comes with a lot of options. Not only are there many colors to choose from, but there are also varying options like texture and temperament as well. Our years of experience allows us to assist you with picking just the right powder coating options to ensure that you get a product which is beautiful, functional, and well protected. If you have any questions about choosing colors or any other elements of powder coating, get a hold of us any time. We would love to help you out!