Refinished Patio Furniture/Looks Brand New!!!

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We had a lady from Northern Utah call us about her patio furniture. She had acquired several different pieces of outdoor furniture. They were random in colors & styles, and didn’t match; but she loved the unique design of each piece of furniture, and wanted to turn them into something more.
She was very particular about the color, because she was color matching against the trim on her house. With over 65,000 colors and textures to choose from, we at Full Blown Coatings, were able to color match our Tundra Green with her house trim exactly. She was thrilled that she could keep each piece of patio furniture, that not only match each other, but now match her house perfectly.
Full Blown Coatings sand blasted, powder coated, & transformed her sun-faded, worn-out, furniture, into a beautiful, complimentary patio set.

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Refinished Patio Furniture
Refinished Patio Furniture