The Powder Coating Revolution

Powder Coating RevolutionThe Powder Coating Revolution is in full swing right now not just at Full Blown Coatings but throughout North America. The positive reactions to powder coated auto wheels and other powder coated treated parts increase daily at a rapid pace.

We did some research on powder coating and this process presently represents over 15% of the total industrial finishing market, according to the Powder Coating Institute (PCI).

So why is this dry finishing process becoming more and more popular with each passing year?

There are several reasons why powder coating is expected to grow at a rate of at least six percent year over year throughout the remainder of this decade. People and businesses can both truly appreciate the cost savings that this process provides due to the increased protection against rust and corrosion on treated parts. Moreover, powder coating doesn’t cause the environmental problems associated with using regular paint treatments on products.

But one reason stands out from all the rest as to why powder coating is gaining in popularity so quickly – it makes everything that it’s applied to look fantastic!

If you’re looking to spruce up your wheels on your car and add some “wow” factor, then powder coating is an effective way to achieve that effect. Check over our website and you’ll find dozens of options of what can be done to your vehicle. Whether you’re looking for a smart color to make your car pop, or a bolder two or three-tone color, Full Blown Coatings can make that happen at an affordable price.

But while we powder coat a lot of automotive parts, that’s not all that we do. For example, check out our blog post from June 3rd entitled “The Barbarian” Powder Coating Personalized. In case you missed it, a parent had us change the color of a new bike (red) to their five-year-old’s favorite color (blue) as a birthday present. Not only did we change the bike’s color but we also added the wording “The Barbarian” which has special meaning to the child. If you scroll down our blog and click on the June 3rd post, you can see the finished result for yourself and understand why that young boy was thrilled with his new bike.

Stop by one of our four locations along the Wasatch front and allow our representatives to show you what can be done using powder coating for your next project.