The Importance of Sandblasting


What is Sandblasting?

Also known as abrasive blasting, sandblasting is the technique that is used to shape, strip, and smooth the surface of materials. Commonly used to smooth, buff, or rough up metal materials, you can visualize this process like a person using sandpaper. Although it’s the same technique, sandblasting allows for a more “proper” finish; one that provides an even texture throughout the surface of whatever material is being used. If the object has a bit of curvature or sharp edges, this method will make sure that no random points or deep crevices are left without being fully sanded. This process can even make an item look new again, rejuvenating it completely.  (more…)

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Why to Use Sandblasting?

Sandblasting is a common process in metalwork and fabrication jobs. Despite its name, you can use more than just sand. Before starting a powder coating project, it is typical for a company to use it to remove existing paint and aberrations from the material. While there are other options to do this, there are several key reasons why sandblasting is one of the most popular methods… (more…)

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