How to Care for a Powder Coated Surface

Here at Full Blown Coatings, we use our powder coating techniques to protect various metal objects that are typically exposed to the elements. Exposing most metals to weather elements can inevitably degrade the material over time. And although powder coating does work as an effective protective layer, there are conditions that can shorten the lifespan of our work. From sun and rain to saltwater and cold weather, with the generous amount of conditions that can prove to be a foe against your coated items, it’s not a surprise that improper care of powder coating can lead to its breakdown over time.  (more…)

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Parts of Your Car to Powder Coat

A powder coating job is inherently a custom job every single time, and never is the attention to detail involved in a custom job more important than when applying powder coating to parts of a car. Your car is an investment, and any updates in the form of powder coating must be done professionally and with precision. If you’re wondering how powder coating might be applied to your car, here are three common ways that people customize their cars with powder coating. (more…)

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How to Preserve the Life of Iron Fences

Metal, specifically iron, is one of the strongest types of materials that you can use for your fence and gate. However, one issue that comes with iron fences is the question of durability. For all of the strength that iron has, corrosion and rust feel like an inevitability. This doesn’t have to be the case, though. There are preventative measures and specific maintenance routines that you can follow to drastically expand the lifespan of your iron fence. Here are some key methods to help you do so… (more…)

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