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Sandblasting is a process used to remove layers of materials and improve the appearance of buildings. It can be used on bricks, stones, and concrete. Painting can improve the appearance of a building, but sandblasting helps restore its original condition, making it more attractive and durable. The process is also useful in removing mold, which is a common problem in homes. Mold causes a number of health problems, including itchy eyes and asthma attacks. Some cases even lead to permanent lung damage.

Sandblasting is done with an abrasive blaster. The blaster is a pump that sucks abrasive material from a hopper and blows it through a nozzle at high pressure. The nozzle can be adjusted to control the shape and size of the stream of abrasive material.

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Wet abrasive blasting is the process of cleaning with abrasives, which is better than dry blasting. Dry blasting produces more dust and may damage surfaces. A wet blasting method, on the other hand, eliminates most of this dust. Because water helps to disperse the abrasive, it covers a wider area. This minimizes the amount of abrasive needed, which reduces the cost of cleanup.

Another benefit of wet abrasive blasting is its ability to clean various types of contaminants and de-burr objects. When used correctly, this process leaves the surface clean and shiny. It is also great for detecting faults in sensitive equipment. Wet abrasive blasting is becoming more common in the industry.

Wet abrasive blasting is similar to dry abrasive blasting, but it incorporates high-pressure water to keep the dust levels down. The high-pressure water helps the abrasive grit stay in place and is less likely to scatter.

Sandblasting is a dangerous operation and should only be done by trained and experienced personnel. Contact Full Blown Coatings to set up your sandblasting appointment today!

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Abrasive Blasting

Sandblasting, also known as abrasive blasting, is really a generic term that refers to the process of smoothing, shaping, and cleaning a hard surface by forcing solid particles across that surface at high speeds. 

Media Blasting

In general, media blasting is an alternative to sandblasting (read more about sand blasting here).
The process is essentially the same, but it uses materials other than sand for blasting. 

Wet abrasive blasting

This type of sandblasting utilizes water to blast surfaces. The water traps the dust produced and lubricates the surface at the same time.

Experts find it a strong alternative to dry blasting. 

Meta Micro abrasive blasting

This type of dry abrasive blasting process utilizes smaller nozzles (typically 0.25 mm to 1.5 mm diameter) to shoot a fine stream of particles on a small concentrated area on a larger area using high pressure. 

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